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Biography - Marjorie Cranston


I grew up in Lansing Michigan.  One person in my family was an artist, and that was my aunt. She spent time with me over my young years helping me develop my skills.  I had begun drawing at age 4 and this was a gift taking me into my college years.  After winning my high school art award I attended Michigan State University in Fine Art with an emphasis in drawing. I left Michigan State to move to Colorado and persued the completion of my degree.

My career path was as an Interior Designer and have been full time in Design for the past 33 years and have owned my own Design business for 22 years primarily in Denver.  15 years ago I relocated to Grand Lake and open my own design studio/retail location.  My easel is set up all of the time in the gallery and that is where I do all of the pastel art.  The walls are filled with originals and giclees in a design setting with accessories and furnishings.  As a result of this marriage of art and design I have not persued showing in other galleries.  I love the personal touch of being able to paint right here and visit with people.  My design jobs often thru the years have required special pieces of art and so I have provided that for many of my model homes and Parade of homes and clients.    That path allowed me to be featured in design magazines featuring both my art and interiors.  I have had the privilidge of being in local and national publications.  (

My subjects are broad but primarily landscape.  Traveling afforded the opportunity to paint Italian scenes, Napa wineries, Colorado landscape, Michigan lighthouses, and Southwest scenes.  Occationally I love to paint an old truck just to diversify my style which I consider to be a little more impressionistic in style.  It is rare that I do not brighten the palette with vibrant color.

5 years ago I experimented with manufacturing clothing with my art.  It was a long journey to develop the products and I have a small factory in production sewing and dying fabrics that are made into women's wear and also women outdoor clothing.  The link to that site is on the home page and I hope you will visit that link and enjoy the end result of a long process !

I also welcome personal calls about art and design.  I love the customizing of projects with people.  Thank you for visiting this site.